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In 2020, I moved to Los Angeles to chase a dream. It all began a few months earlier. I was spending a little stint in LA after some hard times. My world seemed to be precariously balanced as I searched for answers... A coincidental chain of events led me to two music producers, we wrote a song called Break In The Clouds. A few weeks went by and I thought nothing more of it. Then came the day of my return flight. Whilst driving to the airport I received a call from the two estranged producers. With conviction they said, 'don't get on the plane'. My entire life was in England, but a jarring heartbreak and the death of my manager left me feeling desperate and lost. All my dreams had been coming true, but then suddenly in the space of a few weeks, everything was taken away leaving an empty void.







Committing to Los Angeles would mean a completely new path…a whole new direction. Sometimes in life you have to throw caution to the wind and follow your heart. Follow your art.

A battle began in my head trying to decide, but the fear of not following my dreams was far greater than the fear itself. The signs were clear, and if I'd learnt one thing in my life, it was to follow them...the plane left, but I wasn't on it. 
























We three journeyed to the roasting desert an hour outside of LA to begin recording immediately. The album that followed is about the seasons of life, encapsulating all the things we go through as humans...the love, the happiness, and all the trials and tribulations we face by simply...being. 













Sleeping under a piano on some sofa cushions, living day to day with no air conditioning to sooth searing skin and ants biting my toes whilst I slept. Me and my producers tirelessly strived to tell my story. Tears were shed, hysterical laughs were had, sleepless nights and the deepest of dreams gripped us, but finally we found my sound, splitting the album 'Seasons' into four Ep's named ‘Winter’, ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, and 'Fall'... Herein lies a glimpse of my world.

Who needs a mattress
Finding inspiration
Above the clouds
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